LZ Betty Phan Thiet Vietnam

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http://www.currahee3-506.org ( site belongs to Mike Krawczyak 3rd Bn, 506th Inf, 101st Abn Div. )

http://www.rsalazar.net  (Rolando's own pictures from D co 2/7th Cav Phan Thiet)
http://www.delta2-7.org  ( 2/7h Cav 1st Cav Div. ) 
http://www.ichiban1.org  (1st Bn Mech. 50th Inf web site)
http://www.currahee.org  (This site belongs to Jerry Berry 3/506th 101st abn div)
http://www.muinebeach.net  (The web site belongs to Adam Bray it contains current information on Bihn Thuan Province and Phan Thiet)


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